Community Service


Need to complete Court Ordered Community Service?  You can sign up here!  We give individuals the opportunity to complete their Community Service at the shelter by helping us!  To participate just click the "Become a Member" button above!

Some of the things you will do to help us:

  •          Clean dirty dog and cat bowls.
  •          Clean litter boxes.
  •          Clean pet taxis and dog crates.
347 People | 1,005 Impact | 3,701 Hours




I keep clicking on calendar days to try and sign up but nothing happens when I click them, other than the box highlights blue. There are no times in the boxes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Micah! I added a tag that for some reason wasn't on your profile. You should be able to properly access the calendar now. Give me a call if you are still having trouble. — TMAS Volunteer Coordinator TMAS Volunteer Coordinator on July 3, 2023
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Per your reply to my original inquiry about signing up for community service I also sent you a message and signed up for several cat cuddler shifts. Please reply to my message and confirm that they are signed up for. Thanks - Kristin
I can’t see the calendar to sign up. I was at the shelter on Thursday and they told me to try again or let you know. It will not populate on my phone.
Hey Kristin! You will need to join the cat and dog programs. In the top right hand corner click on the drop down box and scroll down to where it says "groups" and click on that. Once you are on that page, you will find a few box like icons that say cat program, dog program, etc. Choose those and join them! Once you decide what you would like to work with, such as cat care, cat cuddling, dog care, etc and you click on that, you can register and choose a day and time on those calendars! Hope this helps! Angela — TMAS Volunteer Coordinator TMAS Volunteer Coordinator on September 16, 2022
I am a volunteer but also trying to sign up on community service and it’s not showing me any options. Since I have back issues am I able to sign up for cat care etc as an option for community service as an exception? — Kristin Lee Kristin Lee on September 16, 2022
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I’m looking at the calendar but not sure what to do after that
You will need to click on the day and time you would like to schedule. Remember what I said about clicking on a time and if there is already 2 people scheduled for that timeslot, it won't allow you to schedule, so you will have to choose a different one. The calendar that you will need to do this on will show others signed up for particular days and times. Make sure you under community service which will be under groups in the top right hand corner, click on the drop box. — TMAS Volunteer Coordinator TMAS Volunteer Coordinator on April 19, 2022
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I’m not able to schedule myself it’s not letting me I keep clicking on the calender
You will need to be under the community service program when selecting a day/time on the calendar. There is a generic calendar where you won't see anyone scheduled and it won't allow you to click on it. The one that is used for scheduled, you will see others on that particular calendar and you will be able to add yourself but you will need to be under the actual community service program. If you are still finding it difficult, please come to the shelter so we can help assist you. — TMAS Volunteer Coordinator TMAS Volunteer Coordinator on April 14, 2022
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How do I schedule to come in to start my community service? I was hoping I could possibly come in tomorrow?
Hi Stacie If you would, login to your account on and click on community service under programs. Once you do that, you will be able to click on the calendar and choose your date and time. We allow 2 people per shift, so if it won't allow you to sign up for a particular time, it's because of that. Please let me know if you have any problems. Angela Dickey Volunteer Coordinator — TMAS Volunteer Coordinator TMAS Volunteer Coordinator on January 20, 2022
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Thank you!