Happy Hour


Happy Hour is meant for people to provide exercise for a dog off-site.  You can take the animal to your house, to the lake, or for a jog.  The only place you cannot go is to a dog park or where there may be lots of animals.  You are a good source of information for anyone looking to adopt.  Learning information about dogs outside of the shelter is a great way to help ensure the dogs get adopted faster.  Happy Hour is also a good thing to do if you are looking to adopt. 

Note: We only allow a maximum of 2 verified volunteering hours per day for happy hour participation.  Only the individual checking the animal out will have verified hours.  Example: If you check an animal out for 5 hours, the most you can earn is 2.

Training and Orientation

You must watch the orientation video before participating in Happy Hour.  Once you finish the video you will click the "Registration" button and a quiz will accompany the video to know what you watched.  Once you have accurately answered the questions the Happy Hour and Overnight Happy Hour sign-up Volunteer Opportunities will become visible to you.  The receptionist or Happy Hour program assistant will provide information to you again once you arrive.


Between these hours

  • Monday:  10a- 5p
  • Tuesday:  10a-5p
  • Thursday: 10a-5p
  • Friday:  10a-5p
  • Saturday:  10a-5p
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I really love Trina...she just took UP WITH ME RIGHT AWAY. SHE IS A SWEETHEART..,I would love to get to know her and possibly get here eventually. Thanks so much,Kim..💕