Fosters are such an important part of our life-saving work at the shelter!  It can be incredibly stressful at the shelter, especially for sick or injured animals.  By taking an animal into your home, not only do you help them get used to being in a home environment, but you also help them to heal from previous trauma and experiences.  We love our fosters!

This program exists to allow Fosters to log their hours.  For regular fostering we allow individuals to earn up to 3 hours per day/night of fostering.  If the animal is extremely sick or required to be bottle-fed, we offer up to 4 hours per/day or night.

If interested in becoming a foster you can contact our foster coordinator at

The ability to log foster hours will not be visible until you complete the fostering process (by contacting the foster coordinator) and are given the "Foster" tag.

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I would like to work at any upcoming event. Please let me know where me and my daughters can be off assistance.